Deployment Blog, Part 7

Monday, November 12th

It is now two weeks since the storm. Progress is being made in the clean up process but it feels like slow motion. Many streets are still blocked by debris and the occasional boat several blocks from the water. Except for some public buildings powered by large portable generators and some small businesses and homes running on small generators, there is no electrical power on the barrier islands.

Nighttime is eerie. The only lighting is provided by large portable units placed at intersections and some gathering sites.The street population changes from day people to night people. Police presence intensifies. Many people living here have no place to go and no place of comfort in their homes and apartments. Basements and the first floor of buildings were flooded and partially filled with sand. Residential streets are filled with soggy drywall, warped flooring, and destroyed possessions. Temporary landfills cover huge areas of public land.

Most streets and highways connecting the islands to the mainland are open but congested and some public transportation has been restored. There are no supermarkets or other large retail establishments open. Many people are totally dependent upon food and resources that are being brought in by relief crews.


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