Deployment Blog, Entry 5

Wednesday, November 8

It’s a cold, blustery morning. About 30 ERVs are waiting at our kitchen/staging area for our assignments. The barrier island that we’re sitting on was evacuated last night in preparation for the next nor’easter that is supposed to peak sometime early this afternoon. The kitchen is shut down.

There is nothing here for us. Time passes… We managed to pick up a couple hundred catered meals and sandwiches form the Aqueduct kitchen shortly after noon and got them distributed to the public housing in Coney.

Most of our units got one run in before running from the storm. Too little, but better than nothing. Lots of rain and wind with mixed snow this afternoon. Time passes… Now 7pm and  two inches of snow outside of our hotel. Expecting 3-6 inches tonight, but mid 40 degrees by tomorrow afternoon. I know that our efforts are greatly appreciated, people are very grateful and offer their thanks and blessings. I can’t help feeling that so much more is needed.

November 8, 2012. Long Island, New York. Red Cross emergency response vehicles travel through Long Beach, New York, handing out meals and water to the residents.


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